Innovative Design and Leading Dongguan –Creativity¸ Matching, Optimization

Creativity is a boon to people!
Creativity fuels many elements of good design, including ease of use, visual appeal, efficient use of new technologies, materials, and resources. We not only set out to search for feature-rich products, but also expect to spark new ideas of all of you, including innovative, stylish, well-conceived, or even risk-taking, designs, whenever they serve the needs of users.

Matching is the core!
Emphasis on design and manufacturing matching, practical design plan and corporate production matching, design talents and productive corporate matching, and industrial design entities and corporate matching to promote the industries development and help individuals to reach their goals and realize their own value.

Design for the world!
To reach our goal, the 2010 Dongguan Cup Awards will follow closely with the market, continue its commitment
to work for corporate, and try to combine the creative design plans with corporate production and market
promotion for better development for designers, corporate, and Dongguan City. In so doing, the Organizing Committee suggests that entrants may pay special attention to feasibility of production, economic efficiency, side effect to the environment, sustainable development, and the advantage of Dongguan City as an international manufacturing hub.