Call for Entries for Open Group of Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Awards 2011

1. Academics and students in industrial design higher education home and abroad;
2. designers in design agencies or companies;
3. Others who are keen on industrial design.
A. Electronic information products
B. Household products
C. Toy products
D. Led products
E. post petroleum transportation products
1.Deadline for Products Collection: 20th September, 2011
2.Preliminary Selection : 28th September, 2011
3.Second Selection: 10th october, 2011
4.Final Selection: 14th December, 2011
5.Awarding Ceremony: 16th December, 2011
Best of the Gold Award – 1P: RMB200,000, Inscribed board / Trophy
Gold Award – 4P: RMB70,000, Inscribed board / Trophy
Silver Award – 5P: RMB20,000, Inscribed board / Trophy
Bronze Award – 10P: RMB10,000, Inscribed board / Trophy
Excllence Award – 20P: RMB2,000, Certificate
Merit Award - 200P: Merit Award Certificate
Note: The winning entry product of Best of the Gold Award and Gold Award shall be ready to be put into production immediately, the Organizing Committee will coordinate the matching issues. Winning designers is required to sign an assignment agreement specifying all intellectual property rights therein shall be transferred and assigned to the Organizing Committee.

Entry Product Requirements

1. All submissions must be original, shall not be identical with or similar to any published design works or shall not be any projects that have been filed or registered in any other design competition. In the event of any entrant’s plagiarism or stolen or misappropriation of trade secret, responsibilities or liabilities arise thereunder shall be borne by the respective entrants other than the Organizing Committee, and the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify the entry in any stage of the contest unilaterally.

2. All entry works are required to have been product-formed or ready for commercialization and industrialization, without getting involved in intellectual property rights disputes, in the last three years.
3. Design work is required to be shown on 2 copies of A2-sized (420mm×594mm) JPEG (*.jpg) effect drawing, vertical layout, with 200 dpi resolution. Each entry design effect drawing is forbidden to contain contestant’s working place, name (including English or Pin Yin), or any other information, drawing or any other information connected to the contestant, otherwise it would be the regarded as invalid entry works.
1. All contestants are required to sign up for the Dongguan Cup Awards via internet without being charged, please log
2. Please download and fill in the registration form with reference number of the entry, and put headlines on each design effect drawing.
3. Each entry document is required to include a copy of registration form and two design effect drawings, of which the latter are required to be in ‘rar.’ file (less thant 10M) and renamed as ‘design category + reference number’. For instance, contestant for Category A, with reference number 0001, his/her ‘rar.’ File is named ‘A0001’
Note: Contestant may submit more than one design project with one username and password.
Judging Cycle
Preliminary Screening: Jurors (7 or 9 jurors) will conduct on-site screening and select 250 qualified entries for Open Group and 30 qualified entries for Enterprise Group.
Second Screening: Jurors will select 22 finalists out of 250 qualified entries for the Open Group final selection. The Organizing Committee will take charge of making models of these 22 final round candidates.
Final Screening: 22 Open Group finalists are requested to attend an on-site screening and make oral presentation (English is strongly recommended). Jurors will assess the model, design drawing, and presentation to determine winners. Final screening may be conducted with presentation of ppt. or audio / video files. Entrants who will be absent from final on-site screening may submit to the Organizing Committee, by 15th October 2011, his/her design works in other workable formats.
Jugding Criteria
Innovation and Originality (40%): it must be forward looking, innovative, and original; can fit in with the current aesthetic requirement of the general public;
Sustainability and Affordability (30%): it must meet the theme of this year’s Dongguan Cup Awards, taking into full account of market value, and feasibility of mass production, under modern manufacturing technology and reasonable cost conditions.
Integrity and Unity20%: it must be energy and cost efficient, environmentally responsible, and balance the need for function, safety, and efficiency in the design with the need to integrate it into the surrounding natural and human environment. As to given topic group submission, it also concerns maintenance of good corporate brand image and nurture of sophisticated corporate culture.
Expression and Representation10%: it must be well-organized to show a good coherent picture, making fully representation of the real intent of the designer.
Intellectual Property Right
To create an open, fair and impartial competitive environment, and show respects for and  protect intellectual property rights of entrants, unless specified or noted otherwise, the intellectual property rights of each project thereof shall become and remain the exclusive property of the entrant(s). All qualified entries in the preliminary selection will be offered the opportunity to file for patent application by and at the cost of the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to exhibit, print, make public, and release advertisement of the entry work.