Contest judges

Hans van Heeswijk (1952) graduated from Delft Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 1980. From 1981 until 1983 he worked in the office of Aldo van Eyck and Theo Bosch. architects in Amste
Iris Utikal (Germany)
Established QWER Design Kommunikation Beratung QWER designed and supervised the appearance of the World Exhi-bition, EXPO 2000 in Hanover QWER won the Corporate Design competition organized by t
John J. Heskett (UK)
Former Prof. of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, the U.S.A.,Chair Prof. of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University。Author of Industrial Design (World of Art) 1980, which have long been used as the fundamental textbook。
Distinguished Korean designer Director of Samsung Design China Research Institute since 2004 Industrial Design Master of KOREA UNIVERSITY Prize: 2006 IDEA Gold Prize
Katsushi Kunimoto(Japan)
Influential industrial designer, urban planning and environment designer in Japan. President of DELCO design Inc. Jury for G-Mark products assessment . Prof. of Kanazawa College of Art, Japan . In
Kinoshita Michio(Japan)
General Manager of GK Design Shanghai Inc. Former staff of Industrial Design Planning Department, Itoki Corporation 1981 onward, Product Design Dept and Enterprise Dept (Senior Staff) ,Planning and De
Lorraine Justice is currently the Director of the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to joining PolyU, Professor Justice was Director of the Industrial Design Program
Li Deizhi (Hong Kong)
Director of Strategic & Design laboratory and Transportation Design laboratory. Lifetime member of the Hong Kong Designers Association. Expert of the International Industrial Design Association and
Martin Smith(US)
Smith recently joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as Chair Professor of Industrial Design. Prior to joining the Polyu he was Chair of the Product Design Department at the Art Center Colleg
Manager at Premsela, Dutch Design Foundation Amsterdam, Netherlands Initiator and curator of Re-f-use : sustainable design( Editor and publisher of Re-f-use: Making the most of w
Philine Bracht (Germany)
Visiting Associate Professor of the Hong Kong Politechnic University Product Design, Design for Sustainability She returned to Hong Kong in 2007 to teach and to work on cross-cultural issues and projects.
Yoshihiro Amimoto (日本)
Prof. of Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University, Japan Member of JSSD (Japanese Society for the Science of Design) Member of Japan Design Committee Author of An Essay
Lecturer of Yonsei University, lecturer of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Industrial Design faculty. Director of Yaxiya design laboratory. Headed several product development and production project.
Yang Donghwan(Korea)
1997~2000 Hyundai Motors Co. Design Center, Designer Compact car “Verna”, Sports Coupe “Tuscani” etc. Ext./Int. Design 1999 FKI(The Federation of Korea Industries) “Design Trend 2005” TF ,Hyundai, Sa
Yu Chao Liang(Taiwan)
Professor. Dean of Design College. and Head of Industrial Design College. National Taipei University of TAIPEI. Senior consultant. Acer Conputer. Local Representive of Taiwen, IDEO. President, Chin
Yanta Lam(Hong Kong)
Co-founder and ex.member of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Design Center Prof. of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Museums(Design) Hon.Secretary of the
Chen Jianxin(China)
Current Dean of East China University of Science and Technology, School of Art, Design and Media, Director of Academic Committee, Leader of Postgraduate Supervisor for Design and Arts Faculty, Lecturer for “Industrial Design”, PhD Supervisor.
Chen Hanqing (China)
Former Dean of Wuhan University of Technology, School of Arts and Art Academy, lecturer and Professor mentor. Director of China Industrial Design Association, Vice Chairman of China Construction Envir
Fang Li juan China)
graduated from the Nanjing University of Science & technology in July 1995. She has been worked in SIPO since April 1998. She served as Deputy Director of the second examination division, Deputy Direc
He Renke(China)
Prof. and dean of the Design Art College atHunan University, China Deputy director-general of the China Industrial Design Association Chief Member of the China National Instructive Committee of I
Liu Guan zhong (China)
Chief Designer of Systematic Design Studio of Industrial Design Department, the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University. Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor, Tsinghua University. Deputy Chairperson
Ma Chun dong(China)
Prof. and Dean of School of Design, Dalian Nationalities University, Outstanding leading academic staff of research. Standing director of China Industrial Design Association Member of editorial b
Sun Shouqian (China)
Professor, Lecturer of Zhejiang University and Professor Mentor. Institute Director of Modern Industrial Design Institution of Zhejiang University, Assistant Dean to Computer College, Director of De
Tong Hui ming(China)
Deputy Dean, Prof. Master of Arts Supervisor, of Guangzhou Academy of Art , China Member of Industrial Design Committee, China Artists Association Standing Director of China Industrial Design Assoc
Tang Chongxi(China)
Former Dean of School of Art and Design of Guangzhou University, current Director of the Industrial Design Of GuangZhou University. Chairman of the China Industrial Design Association. Mr Tang Chong X
Yin Dingbang (China)
Former Deputy Dean of Guangzhou Academy of Art , China Honorary member of the China National Culture Promotion Committee Member of the China Science Association, 5th Session The president of the G
Yang Xiang dong (China)
1987-1989, Senior Visiting Scholar, Design Division, Department of Design, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University, Japan. Prof. and former dean of Faculty of Art Design, Guangdong University of Te